The road to illumination, and our ability to lead a rich and fulfilling life, is a journey beset with challenge, much of which is birthed by the poorly programmed software of our minds—our conscious and sub-conscious thoughts.


In The Four R's—Unlocking Your Divine Potential, T. Guy Chittenden uses the backdrop of his own riveting story to illustrate The Four R’s—a simple and effective solution to the aforementioned dilemma. It represents an extremely powerful spiritual healing method, a process of self-transformation that engages the infinite power of Divine Consciousness to shift and re-create the limiting ideas, beliefs, and agreements that have been internalized over the course of a lifetime.

About The Book

The Four R’s can be easily incorporated into one's spiritual practice, and when applied diligently, will:

  • reprogram your sub-conscious mind;

  • transform the thought processes that limit you;

  • enhance your ability to manifest money and prosperity;

  • free your intrinsic ability to love unconditionally;

  • enable you to realize your ever-present connection to Source;

  • assist you to live a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life;

  • align you with your ability to manifest love;

  • empower you to embrace your Divine Potential.

In this world of abundant and almost overwhelming choice, The Four R's is truly is one of the the most powerful  self-help techniques at your disposal!

The Four R's is a work of rare revelation. T. Guy Chittenden weaves the tale of his own varied life with his ongoing search for illumination, and the resulting spiritual garment is strong, bright, and beckoning. Written with deep emotional insight and touching openness, this work offers an intimate look at how a personal journey, both internal and external, can be leavened with the experience of timeless truths.


— Craig A. Smith, Journalist and Writer